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best of 2009

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WKSG’s Best of 2009

wordpress doesn’t support youtube playlist embedding, so you’ll have to click through. sorry! but you can do so by following the above link or the link to my youtube channel somewhere on the right.

it’s got some of my favorite songs and videos of the year. I’ll list them after the jump so you can see if you’re sufficiently interested or if you feel like reading my thoughts.

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video: Telekinesis!

Posted in videos with tags , , , , , on May 22, 2009 by Kayla

I got into Telekinesis! (although they may have dropped the !, I don’t know) earlier this year with “Coast of Carolina.” I have a strange thing for one-man Seattle power pop bands (see my steadfast love of Dolour, which reminds me that I ought to throw a Shane Tutmarc video up). Anyway, they (Michael Benjamin Lerner + band) make kind of cheesy power pop that I really like. And “Coast of Carolina” works for someone who really wants to be on the coast of Carolina right now.

BUT this video is “One Step Forward,” which I just heard but I like well enough. And it’s a pretty good video. So, enjoy. And expect some Shane Tutmarc later–there’s an absolutely amazing cover of a Tina Turner song that I have in mind.

EDIT: further research has uncovered an even better Telekinesis video. Absolutely adorable!