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best of 2009

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WKSG’s Best of 2009

wordpress doesn’t support youtube playlist embedding, so you’ll have to click through. sorry! but you can do so by following the above link or the link to my youtube channel somewhere on the right.

it’s got some of my favorite songs and videos of the year. I’ll list them after the jump so you can see if you’re sufficiently interested or if you feel like reading my thoughts.

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this just in

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Creative Commons has uploaded about 50 new tracks to the Free Music Archive, with tons of small names and some big names (Nine Inch Nails, Beastie Boys, David Byrne, etc.)

I’m very happy to see the archive growing and am excited to see what CC can add.

in other news, go pick up the free Lefse record compilation ASAP. it is very good. I’m really digging Neon Indian’s remix of the Silent League (what a surprise) so you should check it out.

since school will be starting up in a week, I’ve been pretty busy but I’m thinking about making a very retro-inspired mini-mix sometime soon since I’m not sure an August podcast will happen. but I also thought about doing a walk-to-class mix because I hate walking to class alone without music. stay tuned, I guess.

terminally chill

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pool at night

there’s a new Neon Indian track over at Gorilla vs. Bear and I’m psyched! (get it? because their album is called Psychic Chasms?) ok, while that joke was lame, this song is not. and “Terminally Chill” has to be one of the best song titles I’ve heard in a while. (Close Lobsters has best band name title right now)

I am now fully head over heels for Alan Palomo’s latest project. Neon Indian is now signed to Lefse Records, which has the tracklist for Psychic Chasms, which will apparently be out October 13. more songs for your sampling pleasure at available at Neon Indian’s myspace/any self-respecting and many non-self-respecting music blogs out there.

mixtape: June

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this month, instead of a bunch of links to songs, I’ve put together a podcast. it’s just one big file (runs about 40 minutes) that you can listen to and download at zshare by clicking on the link below. tracks are listed/babbled about after the jump.

June Mixtape

disclaimer: if you own any of the songs used in this podcast and would like them to be removed, please let me know and I will take care of it. don’t sue me. it should be noted, however, that all of the songs used came from other blogs, the Free Music Archive, or free label samplers. email me at with complaints.

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mixtape: May

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Well it’s officially June so I figured I might as well share some of the tracks I loved in May, (and late April) complete with links to watch/stream and download if I remember where I got things from. thanks (and complaints) for hosting go to their respective sites. they’re not all new but are all pretty good.

MAY 09:

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obsession: Neon Indian

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Psychic Chasms EP due out soon

Psychic Chasms EP due out "soon"

I know they’ve been blowing up in the blogosphere but Neon Indian has dominated my headphones for a month or two now, ever since I heard “Deadbeat Summer,” which my summer is slowly turning into. They’ve got five songs streaming on their myspace, you can find a few for download at Gorilla vs. Bear, and there’s a couple awkward fan videos on youtube. I think “6669 (I don’t know if you know)” is tying “Deadbeat Summer” for my favorite.

Anyway, if you like “dreamwave” or whatever they’re calling this new disco-electro-noise-new wave stuff, you should check them out. And yes, they have that whole mystery band thing going on, which is cool, I guess.