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best of 2009

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WKSG’s Best of 2009

wordpress doesn’t support youtube playlist embedding, so you’ll have to click through. sorry! but you can do so by following the above link or the link to my youtube channel somewhere on the right.

it’s got some of my favorite songs and videos of the year. I’ll list them after the jump so you can see if you’re sufficiently interested or if you feel like reading my thoughts.

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july mixtape

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as promised, here is your July podcast. this one’s pretty groovy, if I do say so myself. I ended up having to rework the whole thing at the last minute but oh well.

also, the whopping one vote in the poll was for “109,” so it ended up on the mix. thank you, one voter.

download here.

tracklist/commentary after the jump

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Kurt Vile live at WFMU

Posted in free music with tags , , , on July 19, 2009 by Kayla

so I’m back from my beach vacation, rested and a little bit darker. I finally got to some of the music I’d downloaded but not listened to.

one such thing was Kurt Vile’s set for WFMU about a year go. Vile’s “Freeway” has been blowing up lately and with good reason. but this old set is great too, dark and moving psychedelic folk music. I remember really liking “Taking the Farm” from Vile’s band, the War on Drugs, about a million years ago and Vile does in fact seem to be a “constant hitmaker.”

listen to it here at the Free Music Archive. You can also get “Freeway” at the FMA as well.

p.s. new song from Vile’s forthcoming album available at Matador Records.

mixtape: June

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this month, instead of a bunch of links to songs, I’ve put together a podcast. it’s just one big file (runs about 40 minutes) that you can listen to and download at zshare by clicking on the link below. tracks are listed/babbled about after the jump.

June Mixtape

disclaimer: if you own any of the songs used in this podcast and would like them to be removed, please let me know and I will take care of it. don’t sue me. it should be noted, however, that all of the songs used came from other blogs, the Free Music Archive, or free label samplers. email me at with complaints.

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