when i’m with you

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download a new song from Best Coast at Gorilla vs. Bear. it’s really good although not advised for the lovesick.

p.s. listen tonight at 8 on cisternyard.com!



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cistern yard

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Cistern Yard is the new home of cofc radio. click on the link in the top right corner to listen using the new flash player.

tune in tonight at 8 for two hours of sweet sweet music.

tin and string

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a droning noise jam for your Sunday morning hangover, courtesy of Ashtray Navigations and the FMA. windy and slightly eerie, would make the perfect score to an adaptation of one of Lovecraft’s short stories.

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i’m in love with a ripper

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perfect for walking to class on these chilly fall mornings. takes  a second to kick in but then sounds really nice through headphones when you’re half awake and staring down two midterms.

download/listen below courtesy of the FMA.
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hazy dayz

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I know I am way behind, as usual, but I’ve finally scraped together a tiny haze mix for the start of fall. and man, it got chilly way too fast.

this one’s small (4 songs), mainly because some of the tracks I wanted to include didn’t sound right when I mixed them together in Audacity. one of these days I’ll actually learn how to properly use it…

download here. it’s great for those rainy days we’ve been having lately when you have three tests next week but you just can’t concentrate and leaving your bed is way too hard. tracklist and comments after the jump.

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colbert + darnielle = <3

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so the Mountain Goats were on Colbert last week. my internet connection at school is too slow for me to post it, but I’m home for the weekend so here it is!

John Darnielle and Colbert are too cute together. my favorite line: “Who is God to mess with the free market?” oh Colbert, you get me every time. (did I mention one of my majors is Econ?)

also featured: why the band is named the mountain goats, John Darnielle getting called arty, and John Darnielle’s crazy performing face.