best of 2009

WKSG’s Best of 2009

wordpress doesn’t support youtube playlist embedding, so you’ll have to click through. sorry! but you can do so by following the above link or the link to my youtube channel somewhere on the right.

it’s got some of my favorite songs and videos of the year. I’ll list them after the jump so you can see if you’re sufficiently interested or if you feel like reading my thoughts.

1. In the Flowers – Animal Collective

what a great song. this one got me through a few bad days, and I think it may end up being my favorite on the album. true, My Girls gets you at first, but In the Flowers never gets old. the video creeps me out a little, but oh well.

2. Lust for Life – Girls

I avoided liking Girls as long as I could and I’m still not 100% there, but man, it’s really hard not to like Lust for Life. the video is full of obnoxious looking indie kids, but that song is just so darn catchy.

3. Local Joke – Neon Indian

sorry for the dreadfully boring picture video, but Psychic Chasms continues to amaze me and this track is my current favorite.

4. Shelia – Atlas Sound

I like Logos, but Shelia, Walkabout, and Quick Canal are really the major standouts. Walkabout has been sufficiently hyped, so I think it’s time Shelia has its day.

5. 1901 – Phoenix

wore this one out while working as a counselor at journalism camp this summer. Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is just a fantastically accessible and enjoyable album.

6. 11th Dimension – Julian Casablancas

yes, I love Phrazes for the Young. so shoot me.

7. Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear


this video is still disturbing.

8. Ulysses – Franz Ferdinand

I still love Franz Ferdinand after all these years, and their latest album may not have received the best reviews, but I am loyal still. Ulysses isn’t my favorite song on the album (that would probably be Lucid Dreams), but it has the best video.

9. Never Had Nobody Like You – M. Ward

almost forgot that this song came out in 2009! but it’s a great one. man, I would totally marry M. Ward right now just to lock that voice down.

10. Young Adult Friction – the Pains of Being Pure at Heart

surprisingly cute video. this song will forever remind me of spring 09.

11. Freeway – Kurt Vile

perfect driving/walking/anything song.

12. Cool Jumper – Wavves

I liked Wavvves, but the demo stuff he’s been putting out since that album is even better.

13. 109 – Toro y Moi

another one I wore out this summer. love the blown out guitar in the beginning.

14. You’re a Target – No Age

a newer addition to the list. I think the video is pretty cool as well.

15. Sparxxx – the Love Language

if you haven’t picked up the Love Language’s self-titled album somewhere, you really should. this is my favorite song off the record. another one of those annoying indie videos, but still, it’s a good song.

16. Despicable Dogs – Small Black (Washed Out remix)

the original is great as well, but I had to have some Washed Out on the list and this remix is spectacular.

17. When I’m With You – Best Coast

heartbreakingly good.

18. Teenage Girl – Darlings

yet another summer staple. I think this one’s been underappreciated (but maybe it’s just me).

19. Awkward Kisser – Telekinesis

this one wins for its video. man-mannequin romance is always compelling (hello Andrew McCarthy)


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