hazy dayz

I know I am way behind, as usual, but I’ve finally scraped together a tiny haze mix for the start of fall. and man, it got chilly way too fast.

this one’s small (4 songs), mainly because some of the tracks I wanted to include didn’t sound right when I mixed them together in Audacity. one of these days I’ll actually learn how to properly use it…

download here. it’s great for those rainy days we’ve been having lately when you have three tests next week but you just can’t concentrate and leaving your bed is way too hard. tracklist and comments after the jump.


Cloudbusting – Wild Nothing

Despicable Dogs – Small Black (Washed Out Remix)

Ghosts – CANT

Nocturne – the Love Language

play this while you squint at your finance book and burrow under the covers. it’s only 15-ish minutes long, so consider it a break from studying and daydream/doze.

p.s. the Love Language’s album is really good, I highly recommend getting it somewhere. also there would have been like 5 Washed Out songs on this podcast but I figured I should limit myself to that awesome remix.

if you own any of these songs and would like them to be removed, please notify me at ksglasscock@yahoo.com and I will fix it.


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