where have I been?

meonmountainI’ve been pretty busy, head in the clouds, you know how it goes. anyway I don’t have much to say tonight but I will link to this great new Family Portrait track that GvB put out while I was hiking and building stuff in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina.

in other news, it’s back to Charleston in 9 days. I’m like an excited puppy.

AND Toro Y Moi hits up Charleston a few days after, the 25th I think, at the Recovery Room which is a bar but apparently it’ll be 18-up. I’m excited for that too. seems like new tracks go up every other week on his myspace. also noticed a sweet mention on Ed Droste’s twitter. lucky kid!

he’ll also be playing in Cola the night before and is hitting up a lot of the East Coast at the moment as well as tearing up the blogosphere with that Michael Jackson cover from Chum Onah which I haven’t completely gotten through yet but is on my to-do list.

ALSO you can get his latest cassette, Body Angles, from Mirror Universe Tapes. (hey Ben)

CORRECTION: the Toro y Moi show is now only 21+. lame x 10.


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