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mixtape: June

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this month, instead of a bunch of links to songs, I’ve put together a podcast. it’s just one big file (runs about 40 minutes) that you can listen to and download at zshare by clicking on the link below. tracks are listed/babbled about after the jump.

June Mixtape

disclaimer: if you own any of the songs used in this podcast and would like them to be removed, please let me know and I will take care of it. don’t sue me. it should be noted, however, that all of the songs used came from other blogs, the Free Music Archive, or free label samplers. email me at with complaints.

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video: “Shanghaied”

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(via YANP)

I have been a very long-time fan of Bishop Allen (I first heard them somewhere around my freshman year of high school), and while some of their newer stuff doesn’t hit me the same way the old stuff did, it’s still pretty good. and their new video has cute rabbits and cute band members.

apparently “Shanghaied” is set to be used in a new movie starring Justin Rice called Harmony and Me, which I think I will end up seeing at some point, hopefully. I just watched Mutual Appreciation the other day. I don’t really like Andrew Bujalski that much, but I thought Justin did a nice job.

the Bats at Primavera Sound

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for your lazy summer mornings/early afternoons, the Free Music Archive has a fantastic set the Bats did at Primavera Sound. it’s perfect 80s jangle pop to listen to as you drag yourself out of bed and try to decide which pair of cutoffs and old camp tee you’re going to wear today. think R.E.M. by way of New Zealand. your dad probably would have loved them.

yeah, I like dad music.

video: “Give Up” by Strawberry Fair

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I’ve been in a super-retro, 50s pop mood for the past few days. Strawberry Fair’s “Give Up” in the video above is a perfect example. (one part ABBA + one part “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To”) it’s pretty much impossible to find the mp3 now as it came out some time ago and all the blogs that had hosted it have dropped it. BUT you can listen to more tracks at Strawberry Fair’s myspace.

in other news, I’ve been digging Crystal Stilts too. you can get a lot of their stuff for free at the Free Music Archive. I’m working on picking up “Alight of Night” right now.

speaking of the Free Music Archive, there are lots of Primavera Sound tracks going up everyday. I’m listening to a very nice sounding Bats set right now.

free is good

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back from a grueling few days of being a counselor at a journalism camp downtown, headed off to Charleston tomorrow afternoon for some beach/sister/friends time.

BUT some things you should know about:

Amazon has free downloads, and sometimes they aren’t horrible. you can get Passion Pit’s new “The Reeling” that’s been everywhere for free and it’s actually pretty good. I guess they are growing on me after all.

and you should definitely pick up the Slumberland Records Spring 2009 Sampler if you’re into the whole c86/jangle pop resurgence.

Arts & Crafts has a new sampler out as well that’s worth downloading as well. there’s a terrific Brendan Canning track on it.

obsession: Tobacco vs. Aesop Rock

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real old, but it’s been driving me nuts the past day or so.

The Hood Internet put out this mini-mix-compilation-whatever last September of Aesop Rock and Tobacco (of Black Moth Super Rainbow which I need to check out ASAP apparently). I like it a lot.

favorite track is of course “Coffee Hawker” because John Darnielle (of Mountain Goats fame and probably just behind FDR on my heroes list) is on it and it is suprisingly awesome. I’m going to italicize awesome because I’m that excited.

in other news, I’ve got my hands on Wolfgang Amaedeus Phoenix so I’ll let you know how that goes. next up is Black Moth Super Rainbow researchin’ and it looks like I’ve got to actually buy some Little Girls records. more on them later as well as “VENOM” is like a musical cigarette for me.

obsessions: toro y moi

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I’ve had an eye out for Toro Y Moi for a few years now. Chaz Bundick hails from Columbia and is the lead singer for the Heist and the Accomplice, which a friend of mine shared with me in high school. although I wasn’t crazy about the band’s last album (their first and second albums always make me think of some of my better afternoons in high school, though, and are pretty great), I love where Toro Y Moi has been going.

apparently he’s been blowing up in the blogosphere as of late, so let me jump on the bandwagon. Gorilla vs. Bear has two songs up (new to me) and a lot of stuff on his myspace that I haven’t heard either.

radio note: I played a few tracks on Poolside Chatter last year and you can expect more next year although it will probably be older stuff because CofCradio’s music library is kind of lame.

copyright note: I stole that rad picture from some blog.