video: Telekinesis!

I got into Telekinesis! (although they may have dropped the !, I don’t know) earlier this year with “Coast of Carolina.” I have a strange thing for one-man Seattle power pop bands (see my steadfast love of Dolour, which reminds me that I ought to throw a Shane Tutmarc video up). Anyway, they (Michael Benjamin Lerner + band) make kind of cheesy power pop that I really like. And “Coast of Carolina” works for someone who really wants to be on the coast of Carolina right now.

BUT this video is “One Step Forward,” which I just heard but I like well enough. And it’s a pretty good video. So, enjoy. And expect some Shane Tutmarc later–there’s an absolutely amazing cover of a Tina Turner song that I have in mind.

EDIT: further research has uncovered an even better Telekinesis video. Absolutely adorable!


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